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Certain classmates that like to read what other people are doing. They don't know how the hell to mind their own business and therefore think that EVERYTHING is their business. Get a life. Really. No one cares. Get over yourself and stop causing or trying to cause drama. Stay out of other peoples' business, because it isn't yours.
Gosh, why can't people mind their own business and stop being so nosy? Go away, please, and do the whole world a favor.
by milkyway December 20, 2006
A really rude, stuck up bitch with a nose the size of the planet. It sticks out so far that if you get even remotely close you WILL lose an eye. Her nose is so distracting that you forget she's a girl.
"omg! did you see that cameltoe that toucan sam had in p.e. today?!? She almost popped the volleyball with her nose, fucking scary."
by milkyway December 20, 2006
A huge, creepy looking, stubby eyebrowed, fat, girl.
A chunk of a girl I know that thinks she is an amazing cheerleader and whose breath smells really really bad! She is known as "the FOOT." i.e. Fatty Mc Fat Fat i.e. Christa
by milkyway December 04, 2006
A feeling that means fantastic and terrific at the same time! Your stomach starts to feel all in knots and does flips...while you have butterflies. That's when you know that something is fantasterrific.
He just gives me this fantasterrific feeling and it's almost indescribable.
by milkyway December 20, 2006
A cameltoe is when a girl's pants or shorts are wedged up her front crack. Looks really really disgusting!
Oh my gosh look at Kristen's cameltoe! She needs to pull her P.E. shorts down, it looks like she is wearing mom shorts. Ew Toucan Sam is so hideous!! Ew look she is trying to serve! "CAMELTOE! CAMELTOE!" hahaha!
by milkyway December 20, 2006
a scary looking guy. referred to as a "woof woof".

woah! dude! look at that woof woof!
by milkyway December 06, 2006

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