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a beautiful person; that of which is consumed in greatness; usually has nice hair; loves attention; chooses hardcore over normality; friendly yet bitchy; easy to get along with; creative; the leader of the pack; not easily put down; determined; a non hate-ful person; not easily jealous; content with the matter of life; loves realtionships; not as friendly with the same gender as opposed to the male species;smart; daring; and fearful of nothing.
i wish i could be alexandria.
by alarm system July 22, 2009
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"Defender of mankind", or "Protection" from Alexander. Beautiful and powerful. Truly one of a kind in everything she does; center of attention; is always right; will always be there to help others in need; vibrant and healthy with a body that puts other women to shame. Once she is a part of your life, you will NEVER be the same.
Guy 1 "Is that your new girl?"

Guy 2 "Who Alexandria? Yes, she is amazing and I don't know what my life would be like without her!"

Guy 1 "Sweeeet"
by This guyyyy February 05, 2010
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Beautiful and Intelligent girl loves some sports but not all. Has lots of friends has beautiful hair. Doesn't get jealous very easily, looks for the best in everything doesn't have a bitchy attitude the most beautiful person you will ever lay eyes on every guy wants her but if she already has one then he knows never to let her go I would love to be a Alexandria
Alexandria is a rare and beautiful name.
by Creative imagination April 27, 2015
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An awsome amazing, sexy, beatiful girl......who has the best personality!! awsome the best one you could have...can trust her with your life!! has all the guys..very flirty..amazing kisser...everyone wants to be just like her...everyones jealous of her...awsome cheerleader very sexy,,,,great at pageants...beatiful...good strong christian..very smart...all boys would love to go out with her..she keeps her mind on alot of boys but falls in love with one she is a great girlfriend and all the boys want her..she is very outgoing and fun...very crazy and has blonde moments....not self centered and very trustworthy..shares with everyone is also very thoughtful...not at all a slut, bitch or whore..not even close!
Boy:Dangg i saw the sexiest finest flirtiest girl ever
boy#2: who was it?
boy: some alexandria chick they are always fine
boy#2:whew man imma find me one of those
by jjgirl567 February 23, 2010
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Alexandria is an amazing, perfect female who's appearance normally causes jealousy in most idiotic cunts. Her fucking smile is so fucking, fucking FUCK that it causes most other females to cut themselves and cry.

Or just, tell her how amazing her smile is. Whatever

While Alexx is at times a bitch, or bitchy, this characteristic somehow manages to add to her perfect personality in such a way that makes her that much more amazing.

Alex is the type of girl that could make any guy nervous, and could make anyone happy, just by being herself.

Alex is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing human beings you would probably ever have the luck of meeting.

"just stay cool man. just play it cool"
by DementedSwitch March 28, 2013
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The most beautiful, caring, girl in the entire world. She always has a smile on her face and when she does it lights up the room. Her eyes are usually a light brown that you could stare into for hours and instantly fall in love with.
That Alexandria, is amazing.
by Kakow September 03, 2012
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A beautiful, intelligent person who is generally small in stature but makes up for it in "performance". Generally comfortable with its sexuality, and able to kiss girls without causing uncomfortableness or confusion.
I pride myself in having an Alexandria for a girlfriend
by yourworstnightmare1126 February 22, 2011
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