The absolute definition of a nerd slave. A complete "gamesharK" and knows more about technology than the current events going on in life. Quite often has a hot sister and looks like Paul Scheer(goofy looking comedian)
Adam was telling me about all the glitches in MW2 and in Halo 3, so I called him a toth and walked away laughing
by The_real_Moss_Eir July 05, 2010
Top Definition
1) a medieval sex toy

2) a magical unicorn that pwns everthing
1) This toth just feels great.

2) Guy 1: *sigh*

Guy 2: Whats wrong?

Guy 1: Toth owned my mom again :(
by Steveiscool22 June 29, 2011
a camper and lamer who is usually found lagging up unreal tournament servers he brings nightmares to all UT users. the worst insult for any UT user
toth sniped your_self with the rifle he is dominating (10 kills in a row)


by your_self January 20, 2005
A 'Toth' is a hairy, happy Hungarian. This person can be a male or female as long as they are hairy, happy and Hungarian.
X "That Hungarian is so happy and hairy!!!"
Y "He must be a Toth"
by WonkyPenguin June 21, 2010
A black mage in the original final fantasy game for Nintendo. Also the name of a car dealership in Berea, OH.
When fighting Kary for the second time, I have Toth use ICE3, and it usually puts Kary out of commission pretty quickly.
by cazort November 12, 2003
a person who is awful at call of duty
toth you suck, toth your awful
by cstott519 January 06, 2010
A word used in the place of any lyric in any song for a humorous affect.

It is also a person who has a passionate love for Senior Semplice
Toooooooooooooth! Toth Lighting! Go Toth Lightning!
by SamRussellYeahThatsRight May 21, 2009
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