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From World of Warcraft a tauren able to kill anything in the game also the most deisle thing in the world, also a word used to describe anything that a single person (or thing) did by themselves that was of monumental difficulty but easy to the person
"dude you saw that new borne semi retarted baby totally toter that tank" (punch a tank and have it explode"

"toter" (the windows explode)

"i was about to gank toter the other day, then my wrists started bleeding"
by jones mike July 26, 2006
That one friend who just takes things seriously and is sad because of what you do them.
Sham: :Flaky is such a toter she takes everything seriously.

Kavan: I agree
by HelloItsYou May 19, 2016
A drink (usually of alcoholic nature) that you take or "tote" with you.
Why do you have 2 beers?
Oh this one is a my toter. I am taking it with me.
by sjkghklsdhkl' June 18, 2008
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