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A guy or girl who has the combination of both looks and personality, sense of humor, etc.
It's rare to find someone that has the total package.
by ??? August 05, 2003
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One who believes they are the best thing ever put on this planet. Often this creates a psuedo-superior complex within the person. These are the people often hated by "friends," family, and society in general.
I have to go watch the Total Package graduate this weekend. I'm not thrilled.
by LilCunt May 26, 2008
When a man is having sexual intercourse with a woman and attempts to get his testicles in too. Also known as "steeping the bag". Not recommended for novice romantic's as NO one I know has ever had success!
I heard he managed to get his cock AND balls into Sandra's gigantic hole... Alas! Someone has achieved the total package!
by Randy Young February 26, 2005

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