Any type of learning enviorment there is, and ever will be.

Principal: Hello, welcome to torture.
by Like_Sunshine_Jelly April 28, 2004
Using physical or emotional pain to pry information from someone, or for cruel self enjoyment.
The following events actually happened, and there are no exaggerations. I am 14 years old, a freshman in high school. I had always been the loser, right up through middle school. I had been beaten up, had hundreds of wedgies, and even been forced to eat dog poop. The seniors thought they would have a party with me after school. They were going to torture me. They invited me to come with them, possibly to spend the night, so I told my parents I would not be back that night. The seniors started as soon as they got to the empty house. The brought me down to the basement, and ripped off all of my clothes, so I was standing naked, and cold. They found duck tape and rope and tied me to a chair. They also found plyers. Two of them each held one pair. They clamped my nipples, and twisted as hard as they could. My nipples began to bleed, and I screamed for help. They laid the chair down and broke out the bottom. Now my bare white ass cheeks were fully exposed. They clamped and twisted my ass cheeks to. One took a two by four and stood at the other end of the room. He ran with the board like a javalin and it slammed into my ass. I cried for help, and begged for them to let me go. They decided to try something new. They carried me and the chair to a lamp in the corner. The lightbulb was extremely hot. They picked up the lamp and pressed it against my scrotum. I screamed and twitched spasmaticaly from the searing burn on my genitals. They decided a "Grand Finally" was in order. They gathered three paintball guns, and loaded them each with 100 shots exactly. They took me outside and tied me to a tree. They wrapped my legs around the tree so it looked like I was humping it, my bare ass sticking out. They stood all of two feet away, and fired all 300 paintballs at my ass. The skin on the cheeks peeled and blistered and stung. They even held my ass open once, just for good measure. When I got home my parents were horrified. Ice packs, burn cream, and two weeks of no school was the least thing I could do, for my ass is scarred. I also have a large burn scar on my scrotum. My girlfriend thinks it is sexy. I think it is horrible.
by torturedlittleman March 24, 2009
Tormenting the hell out of someone
1. Helping my mom choose her glasses, knowing that my taste in glasses sucks big-time and then making her get that pair of glasses.

2. Strapping my ex-boss to a chair and make him watch the Saints-Bears pre-season game of 97, over and over again, until he begs for mercy.
by Saints October 09, 2003
being forced to watch barney while tied up and gagged
I was suspected of being a terrorist so the feds locked me up in Guantanamo Bay Detention Center and tortured me by making me watch that friggin kids show Barney. I tried to kill myself, but to no avail. TORTURE.
by ThunderBlizzard May 27, 2008
Listening to Justin Beiber.
JB: Baby, baby, baby ooo
by Sulphuric_Glue March 02, 2015
Excruciating physical and/or mental pain derived from an act.
When your child comes in the room and you have to turn off the Walking Dead and put on Barney singing about ducks, it is torture.
by arenee90 February 17, 2014
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