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Mercedes-Benz is a luxury car company based in Germany. Mercedes builds fast, safe, and well-riding cars and trucks for personal and some industrial use. Despite historically being reliable, UNBIASED magazines such as Consumer Reports have stated that Mercedes cars and trucks shipped to the United States are very unreliable and are thus not reccomended.
I was driving my cool new Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec to the diesel station, but then my engine broke down. Guess I'll need to shell out $8000 for the dealership to look at it.
by ThunderBlizzard April 18, 2008
A rare, yet amazing phenomenon in which a blizzard occurs, yet warm air currents combine with the snowstorm to add thunder and lightning. Probably the most kick-ass form of precipitation around- Chuck Norris is the only one who can cause (or stop) a thunderblizzard. (They also occur mostly in England.)
I got caught in a thunderblizzard while I was walking home from school. That was the first time I saw it snow while lightning zapped me and I caught fire (which is cool because I'm a pyro and I was cold.)
by ThunderBlizzard May 18, 2008
A contraction of two words: nothing's and up. Usually a response to the popular greeting "s'up."
Bob: S'up dude?
Me: N'up. I had a boring weekend. ESPECIALLY becuase I had to visit my relatives!
by ThunderBlizzard May 12, 2008
being forced to watch barney while tied up and gagged
I was suspected of being a terrorist so the feds locked me up in Guantanamo Bay Detention Center and tortured me by making me watch that friggin kids show Barney. I tried to kill myself, but to no avail. TORTURE.
by ThunderBlizzard May 27, 2008

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