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A twisting or turning force.
tighting the lug nuts on a car tire is called torquing.
by Cocklovingmark August 31, 2013
A pun involving the physics concept "Torque" or rotation, and referring to someone talking. Usually followed by a strange awkward look by people who don't understand.
"Oh look! Michael is torquing"
"No way!"
by Lots0fgoats August 30, 2013
A male version of "twerking", in which a man wildly thrusts his pelvis back and forth in an attempt to make his penis flop around violently, defying all decent laws of physics and nature. See Twerking
Damn... I just saw that new video of Chris Brown torquing. His junk was all over the place. Lovin' that torque, son!
by Mr. Foghat August 30, 2013
To get an erection, once erection is achieved the man is torqued.
Billy: Man Jessica's tits get me so torqued!
John: Yea! Here she comes now, I'm totally torquing.
by tommygun August 30, 2013
A very skinny person with no ass twerking
Did you see Miley Cyrus torquing at the vma's???
by lucyp August 30, 2013
applying a torque, aka a force that causes circular motion.
I keep torquing this doorknob.
by physicsninja99 August 30, 2013
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