The nickname of a modern 3d video game engine made by and used primarily by independant and hobbyist game developers; aka TGE or "Torque Game Engine"
"Someone should Torque a hybrid first-person-shooter / real-time-strategy game taking place in Neo-Tokyo."

"Has anyone Torqued a MMO sports game?"

"I just bought the TGE and can't wait to Torque up my game's design document!"
by Josh D. September 16, 2004
To acquire goods or merchandise through unethical methods. To steal.
Johnny - "Hey man, where did you get those dope rims?" Frankie- "I fuckin torqued 'em last night"
by Vincent_Vega April 09, 2006
verb - to smoke a drug, usu. crystal meth.
"Crack a bulb so we can torque this bitch."
by 3R4C3RB17 September 12, 2002
To grab the balls of another guy, pull them down really hard, twist them and shove them up his ass. Requires kneeling (unless the torquer is a midget). Usually directly follows, or, because of the kneeling, is driectly followed by, a Bulgarian Slap.
Man, did you see Mark Bulgarian Slap Justin today? He got so mad he grabbed Mark's balls and totally torqued him!
by the big sleaze October 27, 2006
To complete a task quickly and efficiantly, or to work hard at something.
>Hey man you wanna come burn a johnny and play with "Google Earth"?
>> Nah man, I gotta torque this essay.

>You ready for your exam today?
>>Yeah for sure, I've been torquing astronomy all weekend.

>That broad was pretty hammered last night
>>yeah I fuckin' torqued her till 6 in the morning.
by GhoulMasterX December 26, 2005
hardcore sex, fxck, etc
That sally is sooo hot, I could torque her all night long.
by Mike Veins June 02, 2004
to "Giver' torque" means "let's go" or "get it done"
Person 1: "Can we go to that party now?"
Person 2: "Let's giver' torque!"
by Joel F. September 07, 2005
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