Physics related. Reference to moment of a couple. The product of distance between a couple and the magnitude of one part of the couple!!!

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Attempt to balance the ship by calculating the minimum torque for its meta centre to remain permanently above its centre of gravity.
by Sophie January 13, 2004
Top Definition
Something that korean cars just dont have
My Shelby gt-500 just smoked that stupid kia
by gunit January 24, 2005
The force that raises your heels off of the floor when you take a leak with "morning wood".
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
Simply put from Horsepower/Torque Race Perspective, Torque is the low end power of the car.

Build a motor for low end torque and it will usually take care of horsepower.

Big Blocks Often tend to be good friends with torque.
Torque is often created from an excessive stroke on big blocks, thus there non high reving attributes.
My 1968 Oldsmobile 98 Weighs 4580 and is slow as hell (off the line) but has around 500ft/pds of torque and will roast tires like no tomorrow. (thats with a 2.83 diff)
by SevenFive August 03, 2006
The turning ability of an object or power source. Also, see Dodge Viper.
Also how horsepower is determined.
To go that fast, you've got to have a lot of torque.
by Brendan B November 23, 2004
1) A measurment of strength, power, speed, skill, or any physical quality in general.

2) A rating scale used to rate a girls' looks or body.

3) Morning wood.

Antonym- Torqueless
1)"He can only bench press 115, so he's got no torque."

2)"Oh, she's got torque!"

3)"Man, I had major torque this morning."
by Bignig9000 July 19, 2012
verb: aggravate, agitate, bother, irritate, torment, etc.
My wife knew I had a fierce hangover, but she just had to torque my ass about cutting the grass anyway.

I love to torque my little brother about being gay.

Oh man, stop torquing me! I'll pay you when I pay you!
by gasbag blues May 02, 2012
Torque is pulling power, and it’s best demonstrated as the grunt that gets you moving, while horsepower is what keeps you going. Torque is the twisting force created in an engine by rotating parts; horsepower is the measurement of how fast torque is being used.
That VTECH Honda engine doesn't have much Torque!
by AutoEnthusiastVA January 23, 2012
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