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A shirtless, well-muscled jew of Egyptian descent. A Torin can build pyramids with ease.
Torins are amazing at guitar.
Torins are known to have a large phalice.
Torins can be described as a player of the highest calibar.
Torins are, surprisingly, very nerdy, and attend math camp multiple time
some chick's friend-"OMG, u fucked Torin"
girl- "yeah! then he played guitar and solved equations at the same time!!!!"
by The T!!! February 16, 2009
135 40
An extremely grand thing, something so grand that everything else is hidden in the shadow of its grandeur.
Dude, that statue is a fuckin Torin.
by My name is Torin, so sue me. February 26, 2005
115 36
Generally considered the ultimate force of everything forever. Cures AIDS victims with a swish of his flighty tail, and spends every other Tuesday fighting evil by flexing in the mirror. Has a large penis.
Val: Oh noes Torin, you have beaten me agen!

by LemonLye September 04, 2008
102 28
A Guy who gains 100 lbs.
by anonymous April 15, 2003
26 53
bukake bitch
"open wide"
by pro October 07, 2003
21 49
a tennis player
john wants to be a torin after seeing serena williams
by the source April 05, 2003
13 42
a chinese tennis player that is sensitive and excretes tears from the eyes. usually given to a sensitive boy. known to be chubby and also has tendencies of being a craddle robber.
dude, what happened to john? hes a fucken torin nowadays, always crying and checking out jack's lil sister alisha in 7th grade.
by the source April 05, 2003
20 48