To torch something, to set it on fire until it burns into none existence.
p1; "dude... I hate that bitch."
p2; "Oh my fuck I know. I wanna torch the cunt."
p1; "axe and a lighter?"
p2; "let's do this shit."
by go.die September 16, 2012
A joint being passed by others that is still lit.

Having the tip of your weedjoint glow
A bruh pass the torch its still lit
by ghostthesmoke January 29, 2012
1. Basketball slang indicating a accurate jumpshot. 2.Describing the accurancy of a jumpshot.
Mike scored 50 on the Jaguars, man, dude got a torch.
E-Dub was on fire last night, that cat got a torch.
by T. Grissom August 04, 2006
A lighter which lights with a blue flame and is pressurized (meaning it "shoots out" and will "point" straight out no matter what direction the head of your lighter is facing).
ie: Think of the tool a welder uses to weld metal... only much smaller. ...yah... like that.
Used for normal "lighter" purposes, but well liked by those who smoke their "drug of choice" out of crack pipes.
If you are HARD CORE, you will possess the "ultimate cool" torch.
What is this you ask?!?
A butane soldering iron with the "torch" attachment inserted (as opposed to the "soldering" attachment).
Oh yah.
"Where is my torch! I hate smoking my shit with a regular lighter! ...It SUCKS!"
by OkayMartin May 20, 2004
British term for penis.
My own mother rejects me, simply for the crime of wanting men's torches in my bum-bum! Good-day!
by My Nod Uesp October 20, 2010
v. a slang term for a 'flasher', a term for a male, normally heavily overweight, who gets his penis out on a webcam. This genous is also prone to drum-banging and stalking. He is known to often comment on spending time with his 'bestests'. A definite indication of torchism is a delusion of a physical similarity to Daniel Beddingfield.
penis ant-eater shaped appendage commonly found on the torch genous
by Jeez-o-thats-swell October 29, 2009
This is another word for automatic wpn or sprayer
Like a torch
is a gat
by Juana October 18, 2004

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