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that cartoon cat that is hella a pimp, but acts like he's not by hanging out with a bunch of suckers
Top Cat is a cartoon cat
by triple masta blasta masta July 18, 2003
A person of infinite wisdom. The topman, the leader of the pack, the head of the herd. When all fails, turn to 'topcat' for advice and direction. Physically adonic, mentally Einsteinien.
we're in a right state here chaps, the chips are down. What on earth shall we do?
Ask 'topcat', he'll know exactly what to do and will lead us on...
by topcat April 18, 2005
the top cat in a group of cats
the top cat raped all the other cats
by uclejesse July 05, 2011
He tries to be a friend of Fazzer, but everything he says just backfires in his face. Can't get a life, can't get a girl.
Dude, Topcat is a biatch!
by Everyone who's met him August 22, 2003
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