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Originally dates back to the name given to the allied armies in WW2 to the German Nebelwerfer, a multi-barrelled rocket launcher which rained down terror on allied troops with a horrible screaming noise to accompany it. (see google for definitions and picture)

In modern useage, it refers to someone who never stops moaning and has an annoying voice which grates on your brain as they give you the toungue lashing.

Chris is a real moaning minnie
by Age_Wills November 15, 2006
A girl that smells distinctly like a hamster. This doesn't occur too often but has been know to take place to young ladies working in council offices. There is a distinct air of urine and sawdust about them.
She's a right hamster girl.
by Age_Wills November 14, 2006
A noise you can make to blow your own trumpet. Especially when no one else is going to do it. Either, no one will give you praise when you feel you deserve it or perhaps, due to uncleanliness or distaste, no one will give you head :(
person 1: i got 28 kills in a row on that game without dying
person 2: blank stare
person 1: Toot Toot Toot.

person 1: I got the job.
person 2: Your dinner is getting cold.
person 1: toot toot toot

person 1: Suck it baby
Person 2: i ain't sucking that, you're crazy!
person 1: schlurppppp! toot toot toot
by Age_Wills November 16, 2006

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