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to text while pooping
Jessica: "Chris! what are you doing in there?!"
Chris:"im tooping!! go away!!"
by Tamali's!! May 12, 2009
18 9
To "poop" and "text" at the same time.
"hey man what's up"
"nothin much, just tooping"
"oh sweet me too!!"
*goes to school the next day*

"hey man, why'd you stop tooping me???"
"yeaahh.. i need a new phone.. i kinda dropped a big one and splashed all over my phone..."
"shiityyy deal man, shitty deal..."
by McOwners December 31, 2009
4 4
to toot and poop at the same time.
"that baby is tooping hardcore, you should go change her"

"grandma's tooping again"
by butt-crack sisters October 22, 2011
1 2
To text someone while pooping
guy in stall 1: "hey man your awfully quiet over there"

guy in stall 2: "sorry bro, I was tooping my girlfriend"
by cowboys24fan November 04, 2010
1 4