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to text while pooping
Jessica: "Chris! what are you doing in there?!"
Chris:"im tooping!! go away!!"
by Tamali's!! May 12, 2009
To "poop" and "text" at the same time.
"hey man what's up"
"nothin much, just tooping"
"oh sweet me too!!"
*goes to school the next day*

"hey man, why'd you stop tooping me???"
"yeaahh.. i need a new phone.. i kinda dropped a big one and splashed all over my phone..."
"shiityyy deal man, shitty deal..."
by McOwners December 31, 2009
to toot and poop at the same time.
"that baby is tooping hardcore, you should go change her"

"grandma's tooping again"
by butt-crack sisters October 22, 2011
To text someone while pooping
guy in stall 1: "hey man your awfully quiet over there"

guy in stall 2: "sorry bro, I was tooping my girlfriend"
by cowboys24fan November 04, 2010

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