a fraternity house
Fuck going to Delts, that place is a tool box.

"Hey brah, meet me back at the tool box."
by Dubizzle March 18, 2009
A person with no humor,someone with predictable humor which seems to have been taken straight out of a movie he just saw...a box, square, tool.
-If you are reading this and do not quite understand what I am talking about, you are most likely a tool-box.

-that guy just called me gross for farting in public...Ya, he sure is a tool-box.

-The guy at the party ran around all night yelling "fuck me beautiful" because he just saw American Pie on DVD and thought it would be funny to say that all night to pretty girls just like Stiffler...He is clearly a fucking tool-box.
by Jake T III April 14, 2007
A frat house
(First day of college)
Frat Brother: Welcome to the Tool Box
by huevosrancheros March 13, 2010
A Tool Box is one that surrouds themselves with tools or is the biggest lead tool in a group of tool .
Jerry: Wow, Baldwin is a power tool.

Matt: Yeah but Longo is the Tool box .
by BurnVictimHater February 05, 2009
A group of guys in sleeveless UFC shirts and fauxhawks that are either talking about their gains, saying they're swolemates, or drinking protein shakes.
Too bad you can't see yourself in any mirror at the gym because there's always a toolbox blocking it.
by allenjr16 May 14, 2014
worse then "tool". Used to insult someone that is very fuckan retarded.
Wow ur just not a toolm ur a whole tool box damnit
by saab September 29, 2003
When three or more tools are mobbing together or live together.
"Sorry, I don't date out of tool boxes."


"Yeah, bro. We all live together. It's so dope."
"Must be a tool box."
by Little Squeaks September 03, 2011

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