A person who is a huge dick to everyone to the point were he or she exceeds the right to be called just a "tool", and they are now refferd to as a tool box.
Dennis is such a tool box, he gave me the worst nut shot this morning.
by ztorro March 30, 2011
A mixture of douche bag and tool.
Why are you such a tool-box?
by Tool's July 12, 2008
Refers to a frat house whose population includes a "tool majority" (aka) many tools in one frat house
"Those tools from Alpha Kai ransacked our kitchen then legged it back to their tool box"
by XdancingqueenX September 13, 2009
A derogatory term for a tool's girlfriend; does not necessarily mean that the girl herself is a tool as well.
"Missy wouldn't be so bad if her boyfriend, Brad, wasn't such a tool; but you know how those tool boxes tend to be..."
by MuseL May 27, 2008
Derogatory term for a female of limited intelligence, social skills, or overall worth to society.

Compliment to the derogatory masculine form "tool", which is used to refer to a male with similar qualities. "Tool" as a derogative term is derived from the use of "tool" as a general term for male genitalia. "Toolbox" can easily be construed the feminine equivalent. Tool is to toolbox as penis is to vagina, being the most obvious analogy, "toolbox" becomes an elegant compliment to "tool" in the pantheon of gender-based disparagements.
Dick may be kind of a tool, but Jane is a complete fucking toolbox!
by Someguynamedjoe June 05, 2007
A group of tools hanging out
Person 1: "Dude, a toolbox just walked in."
Person 2: "Where?"
Person 1: "Near the door, all wearing Aeropostale."
by sir_peech June 21, 2013
A girl that dates tools. Usually doesn't know she's a toolbox because she thinks her boyfriend is the best thing since hulu... No, he's a tool, and he sticks it to you. That makes you a toolbox.
yeah...no man, she's a toolbox, probably dated half the baseball team and a string of guys from different frats.
by akcips September 01, 2010

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