A shithead, doper boyfriend who doesn't know how to treat a girl
My boyfriend's such a tool, he never does anything nice for me.
by ImBreeeee January 18, 2009
A little immature ginger who doesnt realize nobody likes him. He ignorrantly walks around thinking he is actually loved. These people tend to be cocky and have nothing to back them up.
people- "Harrison, lets go to the Cherokee party."

Tool- "Naw broski, thats gay. Lets go get schwayze."

People- "Harrison, lets go play basketball in alkek."

Harrison- "Naw, faggot. I wanna go slurge on adrianne."
by ral dawg April 13, 2010
slang for the hypodermic needles used to inject drugs.
"I can't get high because i dont have any tools"
by caliB September 13, 2005
The first against the wall when the revolution comes. An inferior, low or no-self esteem individual who gets off obeying authority figures. One used by his superiors, who themselves undoubtedly would kick them to the curb in a heartbeat. Nevertheless, the tool believes they are worthy and significant STRICTLY because they have attached their whole sense of self to obeying said authority and/or submitting their individuality to another. Could be a woman...but is much more pronounced when seen in a "man".
Glenn Beck is such a tool for corporate power, bending over and spreading cheeks for hateful robber barons who are raping the working poor with their usurious practices.
by mowriter January 21, 2010
That one guy with the tribal arm tattoo and does everything that maxim and mens health tells him to do. We all know this guy!
Remember that week when spinning rims were cool? yeah he had them , yeah john is still wearing his collar all the way up what a Tool!!
by GorrilaVich July 10, 2008
A guy, usually with a girlfriend, that goes around behind her back hooking up with others girls because his girlfriend is not putting out the way he wants her to. He usually screws the girls he hooks up with over and leaves them to be with his original girl, telling her lies about how it never happened or how it wont happen again.
"How do you spell that guy Josh's name?" Girl1
"T-o-o-l!" Girl2
by toolsarejerks January 07, 2010
an obnoxious person who usually "bro's out" plays guitar for attention, and pretends to like those who like them and then completely screws them over.
today i saw this complete douche walking down the street, playing overrated songs on his accoustic guitar, and hitting on 3 underclassmen at once; he was such a tool
by BatTom's Bad Visit March 29, 2009
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