Idiots who give up rights for "the greater good".
Real world examples of a tool
" Are you afraid of blizzard finding out your gay love/beastial pr0n??? I mean srsly... its not like your password and stuff is saved in your browsing history at all... let em check the browsing history all they want.. If you have nothing to hide than i think you have nothing to worry about.... I think you are noob anyways if you are using IE in first place."

"If it's for the greater good, why should you be worried about losing some privacy?"
by Wootbeans November 25, 2006
Someone you think is a bitch or can't hold their own. Also for someone that is a poser and doesn't think for themselves.
Man that guy is a tool.

Look at that kid, what a tool.
by Namazi November 06, 2006
Tool (adjective):Used to describe the noun Hamo. Derogative slang, indicates weakness and homosexual tendancies towards small infants. Tool, Toolhead, Tool Smoker.
Hamo, you are a tool.
My name is Hamo, I am a tool.
by Stone69 July 24, 2006
1:one who is lacking in mental capabilities or sanity
2:one who is technically intelligent but can not control inner stupidity or inner blonde
3:military officer incapable of understanding given information or correctly using task procedures, leading to misdirected, misplaced cadets or soldiers
4:a band
sane person: woah, take it easy tool!

TOOL2:ummm i dont know, but i dont know! see it makes sense yesterday, but not today!
sane person2: so much for your 95% average! maybe you should dye your hair blonde

LtCol Nobrain: So Sgt Bloggins, where is everyone else?
Sgt Bloggins: Well ma'am, you told them to go north, and uh there's a shark infested ocean to the north
LtCol Nobrain: is that bad?
by GHtool July 12, 2006
Someone who thinks theyre all that but theyre really not.Someone who everyone hates.Someone who talks smack about themselves to prove to other people that theyre life is interesting.

a tool: oh yeah i smoke weed and get drunk every night.
his "so called friend": umm he really doesnt, he's a pussy.
a jock: yeah he's a tool

by hlahsldjahg November 18, 2005
1. One who is easily manipulated to accept a fact or belief a rational person would not accept. Other layman versions of this concept include "Boy Toy", "Consumer Whore", or "Republican".
You beleive in white supremacy? What a tool!
by The Edge of Blade May 17, 2005
MIT style...

n. a person who is so devoted to their academic or lab work that they often pass up social opportunities in interest of getting work done.

v. to do academic or lab work (gerund: tooling)
Max is such a tool, he decided to go to lab instead of party with us on Saturday night.
by C March 15, 2005

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