1. Anyone who calls someone a tool, is a tool. 2. Choir directors. 3. People with initials DEW. 4. Choir directors. 5. Guys who shave their head until it's ALMOST bald, but there's still some there. I mean, really? Just shave it all. 6. Choir directors.
That choir director's initials are DEW. WHAT. A. TOOL. Seriously.
by beauchanson June 14, 2011
A person convinced by his/her peers and by society that they must act a certain way to be accepted. This typically consists of blaming other people for your problems, never getting over high school, wearing your pants halfway down your legs, and believing your kindergarten teachers when they said you were special.
Studies show that 95% of tools are unaware of the word's actual meaning, and will misuse it on a regular basis.

American tools have overused the word so much that, along with gay, retarded, and a deer having been killed on major state highway, it has transformed into something completely different, and now simply means, "that guy I don't like."
by Kilroy112358 May 15, 2011
a) A male who spends more time on his appearance that that of a female (tans,eyebrows,hair,shopping etc.); who is more frequently at the gym than sleeping, one who cannot pass a mirror without looking at it and knows he good looking; who quite often thinks to himself “why am I so good looking”
b) The male in the group that gangsta leans while driving and being the obnoxious asshole that plays music at max volume with bass and typically is a ladies man and can mack on any women he chooses; many of these women will fall for te tools typical gestures of intrest. The tool also is very athletic and uses his muscles to get everything and anything he wants
c) A tool typically uses violence as a way to get everything he wants and generally does much to everyone’s dismay
d) Who makes sexual innuendos to women at all times and refers to himself as “THE MAN”; often says things that lack intelligence but the tool is actually very smart much to everyone’s surprise
e) Someone whose ego FAR exceeds his talent, intelligence, and likeability. But, of course, he is clueless regarding that fact. He erroneously thinks he is THE MAN!
person a: yo man that ass is hitting on that girl hardbody
person b: yeah hes a tool don't bother
by jayyyyy789 April 11, 2011
An individual who will do literally anything to make themselves look better than everyone else, usually at the expense of others. The tool tries to hide his/her own shortcomings by making others look small. In business, this individual proactively seeks recognition by bragging and exaggerating about his/her achievements and tattling on others who make (usually trivial) mistakes. They have a selfish motive that is driven, not to better the organization or promote cohesion, but instead to enhance their own personal gain by railroading and backstabbing their peers and making their own, usually trivial, achievements stand out in front of their supervisors. This individual is usually a complete jackass whose achievements normally don't stand for themselves without the individual constantly berating others in comparison.
I watched 'Good Morning, Vietnam!' for the first time last week. Wow...that kiss-ass Lt. Hauck really threw Adrian Cronauer under the bus when he found out Cronauer was so much funnier than he was. What a tool!
by GothTom January 14, 2011
a tool is someone who others feel threatened by while in there presence. however this is not a physical threat but rather a mental threat. for instance a tool may attract attention from others who want it and it thus irritates them. thus that individual is labeled as a tool. another instance is one who tries to change his genre of lifestyle but those surrounding him reject it and label him as a tool. however a tool can also be a person who is very cocky or completely full of themselves which projects themselves as an annoyance.
man that kid just stole my attention...what a tool.

that kid wont shut up why wont he leave hes such a tool!
by acecon July 09, 2010
A person that you can use for just about anything. Money, rides, ect. Usually wears white Oakly glasses on the back of their heads and wears their pants too low with a stupid leather belt. Usually has name brand clothing and a 'nice' car. (its only nice because you get rides in it and dont have to pay for gas) synonamous with Tim Plumb
Tim Plumb.

Wow.... that guy is such a tool.... he must be named tim.
by Nucca123cc June 24, 2010
One who calls others tools and yet does not realize that they are a tool.
-Your such a tool
-I'm not the one giving free stuff to people you barely know
by Petitekimbyswimmerscreek January 16, 2010

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