A complete idiot who is just so retarded that you cant stand him.Characteristics are as followed: Sports a bowl cut/mullet, wears zip-off cargo pants, has never talked to the female gender,goes to movies with only one other guy, sleeps on a couch with another guy, and finally getting there clothes picked out by there mother.
"Danny is such a tool"
by state high November 09, 2006
a word used by idiotic scenesters to describe anyone who doesn't fit... unfortunately, they don't realize that by conforming to the indie scene, they are still conforming, and whether they realize it or not, their lives are just as meaningless and externally controlled as the man in the cubicle... and that the people who they are calling tools KNOW that they are being used... they just have half a heart to spend their time helping out the aforementioned fools in hopes that they will see the truth and turn their life around.
fool 1: that kid is a tool
fool 2: I totally know, right? did you know that I asked for a ride to the store and he gave it to me for free?
fool 1: wow... what a tool. he actually HELPED another living being?
fool 2: yeah man, lame... hey, who's frederick kneetshaw?
by barcodeonneck June 11, 2009
An individual who behaves in their own self interest rather than adhering to a set of beliefs or morals. Someone who will act as though to seek approval on the outside, but is actually quite vain and selfish. Men of this variety tend to cheat on their girlfriends. Women tend to use men to obtain free drinks.
God, Brett is such a tool.
by redwikiwine September 09, 2009
See Ryan Seacrest.
Ryan Seacrest is the biggest fucking tool on God's green earth!
by mystro4425 February 25, 2009
someone who is both pathetic in their attempts to be socially accepted and a jerk to those who may not accept them because of the typical way they present themselves
Man that guy just tries too hard and he's an asshole about it, what a tool.
by Will H. February 15, 2006
Someone who is easily swayed or derailed from ones own opinion or true feelings by perceived outside influences.
Jessamyn is such a tool. She totally wants Skip, but keeps playing stupid games because she thinks other people think it's cool.
by Skipabeat January 01, 2009
a guy who works out instantly gets a sweet tan, frosted tips in his hair, does anything mtv says is cool rooms with you after high school because you got into the same school and have been best friends for 10 years and completely changes himself into a mindless asshole who says brah after every sentence and ditches you every night for his new sweet friends and then one night you confront him about how hes turned into a complete piece of shit copy of every moron at a free rockstar energy drink giveaway and storms out and dissapears for three days only to come back looking suspiciously guilty and smelling of your girlfriend of 3 years perfume and completely ruins your life
i thought we were friend chris or should i call you by your new nick name topher cause your so cool now with you seashell necklaces and tapout shirts. oh you shop at pac sun too? you and everyone else!

by broseph69 September 03, 2008
Someone you gives up on their own personality and sells their soul to the " cool kids" to be accepted,usually pretending to look like college kids, until high school is over then they usually become a epic fail.
Tool 1: " Whats up bro?"

Tool 2: "Nothin bra, i just got back from buying my polo hat that I will wear backwards, my bermuda shorts, a lanyard for my car keys, a polo shirt, my north face jacket, boating shoes, and my black Z-71 Tahoe."

Tool 1:"Hell yeah bro!"

Parents of Tool 1 and 2: " Why,God, did you curse me with these tools!?"
by jmanjamnn33 July 11, 2008

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