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A slang term for rear-end or a butt.
My tooky looks great in these skinny jeans.
by Penolope P April 28, 2012
An amazing food usualy made at Wavus Camp, named after the consuler. Consists of unsalted saltines, butter, white or brown sugar, chocolate chips, walnuts (opt.), and marshmallows (opt.). Very easy to make and super yummy.
girl1: mmm whats that smell?
girl2: tookies! we made then in cooking.
girl1: yay! i love tookies!
by wavgal4lyfe February 05, 2011
Slang plural for a Canadian. Refers to toques which are knitted caps worn in cold weather. Changed from toquies to tookies for American pronounciation.
A carload of tookies traveled to the U.S. to buy up a vanload of government cheese.
by soofie February 05, 2006
1. A nickname used to describe a man with an overhaul of awesomeness jacked up on 24 cans of kick ass in your face pure adrenaline.

2. A man who's brain power is only matched buy his ability to make everything make sense.
3. Someone who always looks better with a tooke on.
"Dude that's one bad tooky"

"Tooky explained to me the theory of pie>cake except in the absence of cheese + cake=> pie

"Hey, baby your a 10 out of 10 tooky style bad ass"
by Pie4Life May 04, 2010
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