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Damn, Tookie's on death row for killin' all them Bloodz.
by White Out April 12, 2004
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1.Most commonly used in terms of excitement, the plural form is used to express ones emotional high. 2.A southern term for the vagina. 3.A rare insult. 4.A
formal hand shake, where 2 people spread the index and middle finger such as to
make a peace sign, then turn teir hands sideways and join them at their fingers
Ted, your parents bought you a new car. Tookies!

Bill, come drink with us you tookie!

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1. Multiple shotgun killer 2. Murderer of a convenience store clerk 3. Murderer of a husband, wife and daughter who ran a motel 4. co-Wrote booklets, not books, that amount to less than a single highschool essay 5. Never apologized for the murders 6. Never admitted to the murders - that might hurt his capital habeas case 7. Coward who uses peace as a cover for fear of the lethal injection
Tookie gets put down by the guards. Tookie is on his final appeal. Just about anyone can get nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, including Tookie. Tookie will never actually win a Nobel peace prize. Tookie's veins are bulging and popping at the sight of The Deep Needle.
by Deep Needle July 31, 2005
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Tookie shotgun killed a store clerk. Then a week later, Tookie shotgun killed a father, mother and daughter.
by Deep Needle August 20, 2005
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I'm not sure what's worse: Tookie himself and his horrific crimes which he's never apologized for or the fact that people think he's such a do-gooder, especially that dumbshit motherfucker that said Tookie is a great man. What the fuck? The guy founded a gang, dipshit!

Anyway, he greased 4 people, never apologized for it, wrote a few anti-gang children's BOOKLETS, got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice but didn't win and.... Wait, that's it. Of course, he got a raw deal despite all those appeals. It was all a race thing of course. Yeah....
dumbass: Tookie was a great man! He wrote a bunch of anti-gang books for children and reformed! He even got nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It's not like anyone can get nominated! He was a great person who did a lot and made up for his crimes.

smart person: No, he wasn't, you asshole! He never apologized and hardly did shit! He wrote a few pissy booklets and made a few lectures but never once said he was sorry! Someone should "Tookie" you!

author's note: Hey, is that a term yet? To "Tookie" someone?
by Correct January 06, 2006
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Rhymes with "spookie," a man who killed four people over about $100 in cash & then got scared & found "redemption" when he learned he was going to get the anti-crime vaccine. Complete coward.
Tookie should've been put to death about 3 weeks after he killed those four innocent people, instead of the Cullyforneean government waiting 25 years to finally pull the trigger.
by John Heinz Kerry December 19, 2005
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(1) To feed worms with a dirt nap that began around 12:30 am December 13, 2005. Shot in the arm by the anti-crime vaccine. Hooray for the needle.

(2) To show cawardice by founding one of the most despicable and hateful organizations in the history of mankind; fearing death because of your murder conviction; showing no remorse for killing four innocent people; and then writing children's books because you fear retribution for your crimes.
I hope they soon go Tookie on Scott Peterson, instead of letting him sit around for 30 years and find a reason we should feel sorry for killing him.
by John Heinz Kerry December 29, 2005
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