A very popular skateboarder.
People usually use him when they know nothing about skateboarding, and want to sound like they do.
Person 1: Hey, I'm I love skateboarding. Tony hawk is AMAZING!!!

Person 2: So, show me that ollie you were going to do.
by NeonGhost February 28, 2014
Verb used to describe the action of beating any fun, entertaining, or enjoyable activity/experience/creation into the ground like a dead horse.
What the hell, Call of Duty is releasing another game this year? Dude, that franchise Tonyhawked like two years ago.
by Midnite Rambler November 21, 2011
the main cause for the demise and mass popularity of modern skateboarding. started a video game that caused a new wave of dumbasses, little kids or skhaters to start skateboarding making it the "cool" thing to do. also the founder of one of the shittiest skateboard companies ever, birdhouse, yet it is popular.
tony hawk loves teh cock.
by nateee December 26, 2006
good looking guy with a great sense of humor. Also is extremely warm. His hair smells like cologne. But he doesn't wear any. He claims. Lives in PA.

Also see Ryan.
Tony Hawk: *kiss* I don't wear cologne/ I swear to frickin' god.
by pokemon dancer September 21, 2008
A dinosaur to skateboarding.
Tony Hawk single handedly fucked skateing fo life by releasing a video game and making a whole shit lode of posers.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
a sellout who only skates vert and cant do shit street. because of him ignorant bastards ask me all the time if i skate "those big u shaped ramps" theyre halfpipes dumbasses. and no i dont because vert skating has no progression and never will because it is dying
Poser: tony hawk is my favorite skater
Me: preceeding to knock the crap out of this kid
by aids monkey November 01, 2007
A sexual act involving anal sex where one tells the receiver that they have A.I.D.S. Upon the receiver learning of this, the giver rides away on a skateboard.
That bitch was chasing after me when I tony Hawked her.
by the joe December 17, 2004

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