A sexual act involving anal sex where one tells the receiver that they have A.I.D.S. Upon the receiver learning of this, the giver rides away on a skateboard.
That bitch was chasing after me when I tony Hawked her.
by the joe December 17, 2004
Someone who "skates" out of doing crappy/unwanted jobs
Fucking jimmy just tony hawked out of cleaning the toilet!
by angryspec2 December 11, 2006
A cruddy skater (sorry, i don't like vert guys) who endorses/has endorsed pretty much every junk food in the USA, and has 6 video games named after him, and his nickname is Birdman. Creative, huh?
Video games- Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1,2,3,&4, Tony Hawk underground THUG2, tony Hawk's American Wasteland
by SlipKnoTSOAD April 20, 2006
The best god damn skateboarder around. He is the God of the all holy skateboarding and always will be!! He is the inspiration to skaters everywhere. No one else is better. All hail The Birdman!
Tony Hawk is fucking awesome!!!!
by Rissa December 15, 2004
The god of skateboarding
he is and always will be
Thank gawd for Tony Hawk
the birdman
by The Lost Vasquez November 11, 2003
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