The reason why I have been coughing like a bitch. Everything can be a similie with like a bitch at the end...
My throat hurts like a bitch because of tonsilitis.
by Paracetamol 500mg September 30, 2006
Top Definition
an illness which affects the tonsils in a rather negative way; this includes swelling, soreness, and big painful white pus-filled blisters. this condition usually causes the person affected to be in agony; especially when having a large penis shoved down their throat. the best way to combat this illness is to see a doctor, and demand hardcore antibiotics like leviquin.
i didn't know i had tonsilitis until my boyfriend rammed his huge cock down my throat, and it really hurt.
by mescelestus June 07, 2006
1. God's gift to blowjobs.

2. An unfair advantage at eating competitions.
Jeff: Hey man guess what!
Bob: What?
Jeff: Sarah has tonsilitis.
Bob: So? Isn't that bad?
Jeff: Let me try this again. Sarah is getting her tonsils removed.
Bob: So? ... Oh. Niiiice.
by DeepthroatMcGoo February 07, 2010
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