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perhaps one of the most wonderous, and versitile words of the english language; it can refer to semen, which is the source of all human life...or steroids which are not only a sometimes necesary form of body enhancement, but a cure for many common health problems. finally it refers to a life giving ambrosial drink that can be made from many things, and usually contains nature's natural sweetness.
1}- i spilled my juice into that girl by accident, and now she's pregnant.
2}- my kid was bor with an underdeveloped lung, but they put him on the juice, and now he's ok.
3}- damn it's hot out and i'm crashing; let's go inside and have a refreshing glass of cranberry juice.
by mescelestus June 06, 2006
1}- a splendid brand of ketchup
2}- a verb that is used when one does poorly on a test, particularly when one recieves a grade of "57".
1}- these frenchfries are good, but they would be even better if i had some heinz to put on them.
2}- damn that spanish test was so hard, and i didn't even study...i bet you i totally heinzed it.
by mescelestus June 17, 2006
an illness which affects the tonsils in a rather negative way; this includes swelling, soreness, and big painful white pus-filled blisters. this condition usually causes the person affected to be in agony; especially when having a large penis shoved down their throat. the best way to combat this illness is to see a doctor, and demand hardcore antibiotics like leviquin.
i didn't know i had tonsilitis until my boyfriend rammed his huge cock down my throat, and it really hurt.
by mescelestus June 07, 2006
short for the term dick weasel; it refers to someone who is so ravenous for the cock that they are willing to,indeed, burrow up a male's pant leg, and obscond their genitals.
1)that christina is a dweasel!
2)she has balls growing out of her chin.
3)what a cock gobbler/dick burgler.
by mescelestus February 20, 2008
the scrotum...possibly the testicles.
the juice sack is where my babies come from.
by mescelestus June 02, 2005

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