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probably the suckiest surgery to ever have as a 19 year old... the ice cream must only be worth it under the age of 7... it is the removal of your tonsils.
"Why can't you eat this steak?"

"I had a tonsillectomy, I have to be on a liquid diet... I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS!"
by Lindy Lou July 10, 2008
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A drink invented at Cornell College consisting of one shot of Ouzo, double shot of equal parts Jose Cuervo Gold and Silver, shot of Jose Cuervo Gold, and one shot of Bacardi 151 taken one after another in that order, followed by chugging a beer.

It is said to be a night's worth of drinking in 30 seconds, and not for those who can't hold their liquor.
Man that Tonsillectomy got you wasted last night. I'm surprised you downed it in one go!
by Kegmaster Kyle January 29, 2011
When a girl deep throats you so hard, you knock out her tonsils with your shaft.
I want to give that girl a tonsillectomy she'll never forget.
by JDHalfracK September 24, 2010

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