another term for the word homosexual ; gay
very emotional, very detached from the reality that exists in this world.
can not differentiate real from fake.
very obssessed with girls, japanese ones.
1. you are such a tong i swear
2. your living in a tong's world.
by tong December 24, 2004
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asian gangsta. one who has a shaved head except for one spot where the patch of hair is grown 3 or so inches and is dyed bronze, has a souped up honda and is often seen talking korean on a tiny cell phone, making plans with his homies to go get boba, while smoking and waiting to pick his 5 year old genius brother from 7th grade.
dass a tong meng
by number25 April 06, 2003
a wannabe asian gangsta. one who tries to act like a real tong, but doesnt shower enough, can't afford a car, bums at scans house, is fired from pizza hut, etc.
daaaamn tong, get a job
by dr_crazy April 27, 2003
Adjective or interjection. A bro word used in place of cool. Indicates acceptance, acknowledgement, or approval. Always used in a low and unexcited tone of voice.
Bro 1: Hey bra, there a beer pong tournament tonight?
Bro 2: Fuck yeah bra, 11:00. It'll be tongs.
Bro 1: Tongs bra.
by Tarok, son of Mohg October 11, 2011
A scandalous girl. Loves human activism, travelling and going on a safari. Knows every line of the kama Sutra. Likes to be on top of everything- and I mean everything. Warning: Deers stay away.
How Scandalous are you? I am sure it's around 5 Tongs.
by jokester21 September 19, 2014
To show someone the tongs is to show them the middle and index finger as an insult. Also known as the Vs.
Boab: I'm sure that radge driving past just flicked us the tongs!

Rab: Aye? What a radge!
by oscardela November 09, 2012
Verb 1. Derived from the discovery of pimps smoking spliffs etc using tongs so as not to contaminate them with finger prints. A way of smoking.

Verb 2. To smoke anything other than a cigarette.


Adj 1. When one is intoxicated by any substance.


Verb 1. Smoking/drinking.

Adj 2. Someone acting in an irregular manner. Crazy, off the wall.

Adj 3. Something trippy or incredible. You approve of it.
"Ah bruv come let's tongs."
"Ah I'm proper tongsed as well"
"Oi bruv is we tongsin' tonight?"
"Jokes! Dis bre's tongsin'!"
"Tongs it bruv!"
by James. December 08, 2004
soup or sugar
Please don't put tong in my tong.
by adadaa October 12, 2003

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