1: Any number of people who may be named Tommy.

2: A play gone movie, written by Pete Townshend and directed by Ken Russel. I'm not familiar with the play, but the movie was amazing. It's a pretty psychological movie with a load of symbolism. It's about a woman who's husband was lost in the war. Assuming he's dead, she hooks up with another man while taking her son to "Bernie's Holiday Camp". Her son is young and his father was lost before he was born. One night, the father comes back to find his wife in bed with the other man. The man (Frank) hits the father with a lamp and breaks his neck, killing him. The son (Tommy) was witness to the whole thing and is tramatized when his mother and stepfather start yelling at him (Through song, might I add) that he didn't see or hear anything and that he wont say a word to anyone. This tramatizes him so much (Not to mention, seeing the death of his father) he becomes Blind, Deaf, and Dumb (mute). The rest of the movie is mainly his parents trying to find a way to cure him of what they know they did to him and him coming closer to his own cure.
1: Tommy Lee, Tommy from the power rangers, Tommy Walker, etc.

2: Tommy is an AWESOME movie, you should definately watch it. It's an opera by the way and no, they don't stop singing. Put up your subtitles if you can't hear that fast.
by DirtyLittleWar_3500 August 08, 2004
Top Definition
noun: a totally sexy kid who is so fine that all the girls want him and he is sweet at sports. Hes the kind of kid that your mom would want you to date.
verb: to "tommy" means to have the best sex ever with a girl
"That Ryan kid wishes he was more of a tommy"
"Dude, i totally tommyed that girl last night"
by MJ Ballor May 09, 2008
Sweet, charming guy, with a nice personality. Sometimes says the wrong things on acceident but will do just about anything to make you smile. He's just an amazing guy and loverr.:DD
Im so lucky to have my Tommy.:)
by H*s43v3r October 21, 2009
person with undeniable sexual skills able to get poon daily.
"dude that kids almost a tommy because he gets poon like its his day job."

"damn straight nigga."
by Chet Johnson November 02, 2007
Funny guy who has sudden outbursts of the most annoying catch phrases. His impersonations are amazing. Could entertain you for hours with them
He might be the coolest person you could know..............
"dayumm that tommy be ballin'",
by Mariela K May 08, 2008
The one that makes great eye contact. Usually has nice set of eyes. Always looks clean and wears really attractive cologne. His looks can grab a girls attention in an instant. He is a bad boy in bed with a soft heart. Not the type to cheat unless cheated on or not been giving attention. He loves to communicate and can be really touchy when in love.
Dang did you see that fine ass Tommy over there?!
That Tommy smells really good today.
Tommy is really freakin hot!
by Craig Delos reyes November 03, 2009
Your best friend and the most amazing guy you will ever meet. Often has an incredible set of eyes and a giant heart. He will make you believe in love at first sight. So chill, he can calm you down in any situation. Laughs at all your stupid jokes and looks mad sexy in a ski uniform ;) He smells insanely good. Puts up with all of your shit. You know he will be with you forever. Goes to the gym all the time and focuses wayy to much on his body image. He has the cutest ass <3 The only problem is... he doesn't know that you like him as more than a friend.
I've only known him for a few months, but I know he's a Tommy!
by CrazySoftballGirl June 13, 2010
A sexual position in which a girl gets down and whispers into the male's ear about how good he is at call of duty while she gives him a hand job in which ranch is used as the lube of choice. To fully complete the position a picture of the male's father must be present and pointing awkwardly at the couple.
-Damnit how is this bitch gonna be able to Tommy me later, we're out of ranch dressing.

-Dude where's that picture of my dad, this skank from the bowling alley is going to come over and give me a tommy later.
by spongfunk March 06, 2010
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