A guy who takes a lot of work to break down to find the real him. Whenever you see him you want him inside of you and every time he texts first a huge smile comes across your face. His looks make your heart skip a beat and you're always caught staring at him. He can be the best person to go to with a problem or the biggest jackass on Earth. He knows everything about you and you know all his secrets. Sometimes he'll be there for you but often gets caught up with his reputation. The sexiest guy ever.
-OMG stop staring at him!
-I'm sorry but Tommy is so hot!
by The Secretive One November 03, 2013
He is usually a great person, attractive and to die for. He is just amazing and everyone loves him. He has girls around him all the time just because he is just amazing. Everyone loves him. He makes you feel better when your down and he will talk to you about anything. He is very understanding and very over prospective.
Tommy is amazing and all mine.
by That Mexican Chick April 18, 2012
A cool, smart, athletic, tall popular guy. Usually is a hit with the ladies and has a tall blonde girlfriend who his friends are jealous of him for having. Tommy's are awesome because they are good looking and fun to be around, loves people. Usually is very kind but will play dirty if he needs to.
Girl 1- wow tommy is so hot
Girl 2- he has a girlfriend
Girl 1- so? Who is it?
Girl 2- that girl, the pretty blonde
Girl 1- *sigh* he's still hot
by Hooters0606 March 21, 2012
Tommy is a word that is used to describe something that is extremely and unnaturally fabulous and kawaii. Tommy is the lovechild of the Duckling Clan, and was deemed the almost the highest rank of fabulousness, therefore anything with high levels of fabulousness is dubbed Tommy.

Tommy is number 2 on the Fabulous Scale:

1. PewDiePie
2. Tommy
3. Just Fabulous
4. Cry's Laugh
5. Ducks
6. Pink
7. Glitter/Sparkles
8. Old People
9. Feather Boas
10. Rainbows
"You look so Tommy today, definitely more fabulous than usual!"

"Did you see that picture of Derick on Insta? He was so freaking Tommy in it!"
by YaoiLover2448 September 01, 2014
a boy who has the best eyes. he always knows when you're looking, so unless you want to be sucked into that stare you best not look at him when you think he isn't paying attention. he's a sweetheart but sometimes says the wrong thing and has a lot of anger problems. he thinks he's hilarious and is way too proud, but his sense of humor makes up for it. he (almost) always means well, but his anger gets out of control. he snaps at the people he loves and then regrets it: big time. but he gets any girl he wants cause he's such a cutie, but he's always had his eye on one in particular, even though he messed up things with her in the past.
Girl 1: Did you see the look he gave me? and those eyes?
Girl 2: he must be a tommy, no doubt.
by .-.iknowall.-. October 23, 2013
Verb. To pull a Tommy is to tell your friends that you will be "right back," but then not return for several hours, if at all.
"He's been gone awhile, but he said he'd only need a minute. I hate it when he pulls a Tommy on me."
by RussellCrowe May 17, 2013
Tommy, you are such a fat lard that your fat has diabetes.
by Brruuuhhhh March 05, 2015

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