one of the cutest guy in school , he can make you laugh even if your down. Hes a lover. One of the chillest guy youll meet .
Shit, Kobe is such a Tommy.
by OCB714 February 05, 2010
dead beat dad and woman beater. such a scumbag will sleep with ur best friend behind ur back
watch out for a tommy
by princess696969 October 15, 2008
A guy who is always incredibly hot. All the girls fall for him. He's sexy and all girls just love him to death. He loves to take off his shirt. He thinks highly of himself and thinks he has no flaws. He maybe like a jerk at points but has his soft sides. He may not have good manners at points but he makes up for it. He's great at sports and has a love for many. Sweet, charming guy, with a nice personality. Sometimes says the wrong things on accident but will do just about anything to make you smile. He's just an amazing guy overall. He makes you believe in love at first sight the first time you set eyes on him. He can calm you down in any situation. Loves to make people laugh. All girl mom's want girls to date a Tommy. They all think he's perfect in every way. He's an amazing lover and is sweet and kind and really just everything combined.
Can Tommy be more perfect then he already is?

Woah! Look at that Tommy play sports he's beast

I'm so lucky to be dating Tommy

I wanna date a Tommy.
by LovingGirl2436 February 18, 2011
asshole, jerk, heartbreaker,quick with hurtfull words, tearstarter, not a man, boy who cant hold an errection, let alone even get it up! NOT TO BE TRUSTED!
that boy is a tommy, poor kid cant get it up!
by not that boys girl July 10, 2008
Thompson submachine gun
come out blazin', full tommies
by liltwin October 23, 2003
A tommy is short hand for "a tom hank", in other words, a wank. So someone having a tommy is having a wank.
I went upstairs and caught him having a tommy, it was disgusting.

I opened the bedroom door and what did I see? None other than my best friend having a tom hank, I'll never look at him the same again.
by ansikte January 04, 2006
pl., noun
offensive for english soldiers after WW2 in germany
verdammte Tommies, get out of our country!
by Lapdelem July 01, 2004

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