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When an individual (or several, depending on the amount of the substance) become so thoroughly stoned that they are unable to move.

Dude, look at Colin there. He is totally tombstoned. What an ass.
by Secret_Ferret June 06, 2006
elbowing someone on the top of the head with significant power, often sending them to the ground.
can be done with both elbows at once
so then some guy comes up to him and tombstoned him
by sizzleback April 05, 2014
1. When you're killed

2. Put in the ground

3. What you are at the end of a match with the Undertaker.
After Undertaker's done with you, you're tombstoned!

Joe got tombstoned by gangbangers. May He Rest In Peace.

He was tombstoned at the funeral
by tombstoned July 29, 2009
Truly God's gift to the GF PW Board. PWNS JOEKILLA and Gohan4Life on dailly basis.
TombStoned > J00
by Ryan Mac September 13, 2003
When u so high ur dead to the world. Atleast socially
dude, i didnt hear shit ya said. Im fuckin tombstoned right now
by Whyte Trash Jedi April 28, 2016
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