A female who doesn't conform to societies idea of what "feminine" is because she just happens to not like it. Tomboys are girls who are pretty on the inside and the outside, it just so happens that they don't feel the need to show it off. They also get along with males incredibly well, and never finds it "awkward" to be attracted to the opposite sex in a friend-type way. tomboys are also great friends. Generally, tomboys are the girls who like having fun by playing video games/sports/etc. and seriously don't give a crap if their hair isn't the exact way it was when they left their freaking house.
When a tomboy is friends with a girly-girl, she will sometimes be begged into wearing a skirt. After agreeing (because tomboys are excellent friends) she will end up complaining about it, because, turns out, skirts are worse than imagined.
by Illbeatomboyforever June 19, 2009
A girl who behaves like a boy. Most of the time has more friends who are boys than girls. Would rather play soccer than go shopping.
I'm a tomboy. I have 2 friends who are boys and 1 friend who is a girl. I never braid my hair, and I only tied it back a few times. I climb trees and camp out.
by Fishbird January 17, 2008
a girl who is boystrous and has alot of fun. she usually does no like to spend her lunches talking. she's usually seen hangin' around a bunch of guys, and dosn't care what all the other girls think. she wears comfortable clothes, no matter how daggy they look. she hates girly-girls and teeny boppers. she's usually unpopular, and usually hangs around the geek or nerd groups of guys.
she is always hanging around those dudes, i've never seen her in a tight jeans, why can't she be just a little bit girly, she's such a tomboy.
by jodie June 17, 2006
A girl who doesn't care about what to wear for the day. She usually wears jeans or pants without any pink or feminine colors on it. She sometimes wear baggy clothes. She would prefer gaming over make-up or jewelry, sports over shopping, tennis shoes over high-heeled or 'cute' shoes, etc.
I'm part tomboy (if that's even possible)
by hiyay23 March 03, 2010
Tomboy: a lot better than girly people that's for sure. strong, can actually fight, into sports, they act like boys and that makes life much easier, rather mud than nail polish any day, not the favorite when it comes to popularity, doesn't use like, OMG, totally, and IM talk at all, doesn't take ages to get ready for anything, the best kind of being on earth
Tomboy 1- Yo sup man?
Guy- Not much dude you?
Tomboy- Doing great but those stupid girly people are giving me crap again
Guy- That sucks man
by tomboy7 March 08, 2009
a girl who acts like a boy and hangs with them acts sexy and girly when she wants to and doesn't fit in with the crowd.
emily: scarlett is such a tomboy she's hanging with the boys and climbing trees
by tomgirl June 09, 2009
A girl who doesn't like to be a girly-girl. She never likes to wear skirts, dresses ext. She doesn't mind getting dirty and is really popular of herr friends very active plays all kinds of sports and very strong.
I've been a tomboy ever since i was 4 now im 11 and i have millions of friends and a few boys who fancy me i play 4 loads of teams in football like hampsted school and caterlowes i am fast and a few weeks ago i ran and smashed my hand through a double-glazed, wired, frosted window and had to stay in hospital 4 2 days with out cryying im veryyyyyyyyyy popular and good-looking
by football-girl123 December 20, 2009

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