A girl who dresses and/or acts like a boy, who is not necessarily gay or bisexual (even though sometimes they are) and is not gender confused, but simply likes the style and/or is more comfortable dressing as a boy.
Kid 1: Hey, look at that kid...Is it a girl?
Kid 2: She must be one of those tomboy kids.
by Princetonr²π October 22, 2012
A girl who acts like a dude, but is still all girl. She doesn`t care about fashion, hair, nails, or any girlie things. Is strong, physically and mentally. Men love hanging out with her because she has no filter, and doesn`t play games. She also doesn`t care what people think of her. But men also find her extremely sexually desirable, and want to be around her all the time.

Girlie girls are either very drawn to her, and love her way, or they feel threatened by the attention she gets from males. If they feel threatened, it`s because they can`t understand how a guy can be attracted to her when she isn`t dolled up. So they often spread rumors that she is a lesbian, in an attempt to keep men away from her. But the tomboy doesn`t care. She sees right through pretentious girls, and doesn`t waste her time on them.

And although tomboys are very boyish, they are very clean and well kept, and usually smell really good.
Pretentious girlie girl slut: "I don`t get why he hangs out with her, she`s just a tomboy. what a slob."
by Lifelong Tomboy November 18, 2013
A girl who's childhood was filled with GI Joe action figures rather than Barbie dolls.
They are not as emotional or girly girl as other girls. They grow up to become stoners in life
Blondie got high and remembered her childhood where she used to play with GI Joe and Cobra action figures. So her evil friend called her a tomboy
by EvilCookieMonster July 22, 2014
A tomboy is a girl who acts and dresses like a guy. They usually wear men clothes but occasionally they'll dress pretty just for the hell of it. Such as myself. I give my mother the liberty to see her daughter dress as a woman. (It's a lot of work...). Anyways, they aren't afraid to get a bit dirty. I cant really say what all Tomboys are into because we are all different. Although I myself like to be able to lift heavy objects and do things that a man does even though the men around me don't approve of it because I'm a female. I also cannot say that we are all fearless and are brave but I would probably say that the majority of us are.
I'm a tomboy and I'm damn proud of it!
by The_Fat _One January 13, 2014
a female with male like characteristics.
Tomboys give 0 fucks about whats going on or who talks about them. They'd rather spend the day in the mud wrestling with their friends then to stay inside painting their nails. A tomboy doesn't have to play a sport. Tons of girly girls play sports so it doesn't really matter.
"Wanna go to the nail salon with me and Jessica?"
"Sorry. I already made plans to play football at the park with the guys."

"Wow you're a true tomboy aren't you?"
"I wouldn't say i'm a tomboy, maybe i'm somewhere in between?"
by tumblrnstuff October 28, 2014
A young male secure enough in his masculinity to own and wear a pair of TOMS. A tomboy almost certainly owns a longboard and acoustic guitar, both of which are adorned with TOMS stickers.
Person 1 "Man, see that guy with the sick longboard over there talkin' up the babes?"

Person 2 "Yeah man, looks like he's made quite the splash"

Person 1 "It's those TOMS he's wearing, I think the ladies identify with that"

Person 2 "What a TOMboy!"
by Clive Staples L July 13, 2014
a girl with baggy trousers,never putting make up and with her hair on a horse tail
i like her,but she dresses like a tom boy.it's awful!
by danny dyer December 11, 2006

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