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verb, to Hitler someone; ie, smudge poop on their upper lip, creating the illusion of a Hitler-style moustache. Usually performed while the victim is sleeping.
1) "Guess what I did? Wayne pissed me off, so I Hitlered him while he was napping."
by Serpent December 18, 2003
An evil Kentucky concoction that ought to come with bail money attached to the bottle.
"I got loaded on Jim Beam and ended up in the Harlin County Jail for the weekend."
by serpent July 15, 2004
Having the qualities of a playground game of grab-ass, ie, totally chaotic and disorganized.
John's presentation at the meeting was so grabasstic that no one knew what the hell he was getting at.
by Serpent January 07, 2004
Like regular poker with a twist. Who ever wins the hand chooses a losing player and that player has to take off an article of clothing.
(Many variations have been created).
Sometimes played at school or college in replacment of "truth or dare".
Always cheat at strip poker when the girl players outnumber the guy players.
by Serpent December 16, 2004
Any kind of deteriorated vehicle, usually the kind that mom and dad make you drive in high school. Popular shitwagons include the Chevette, Pinto, Yugo, Festiva, etc.
"You got a car, dude?"
"Yeah, but it's a real shitwagon."
by Serpent December 03, 2003
a common word used to address your mum
friend: dude cant you come 2night?
you: neg the mothership wont let me out! 0_o
by Serpent February 28, 2005
a common word used to describe your mum
the mothership wont let me out tonight
by Serpent February 28, 2005
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