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The urban way is doing what ever you want when ever you want. Stepping on whoever you need to to get to the top, and once there you take no mercy and shit on who ever you used as a stepping stone. If all else fails you cuss everyone out, and again leave no survivors. Followers of the urban way take no shit from anyone. Most followers of the urban way are smart asses who love to make other people feel like shit just because they can. The urban way is not a word or is a way of life
"Fuck you you stupid fuck"
Holy hell Jerome just went crazy on that kid.
Damn! No doubt he follows the urban way
#urbanx #chuck norris #ellen degeneres #troll #ape shit
by urbanK07 April 28, 2010
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the act of finding dead animals and placing them on a busy road to that cars/trucks/whatever flattens them, copied of the way new yorkers bury dead things because there is not much grass so they use assfault to bury things
yea, last weekend I found this dead squirrel so I urban wayed it.
by matt (darkstar) May 15, 2003
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