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the best person in the world
tola is the best
by shameka September 21, 2003
adj. Toe-la// A term used to describe someone being the coolest person in the world and or extremely "rugged".
Yo that dude that saved all those kids from the burning building is mad "tola", he must get mad pune tang.
by tdotdot October 25, 2006
Toh\la;Somebody who is incredibly , energetic,charismatic, funny, easy to talk to and athletic(Usually in track and Field events) These types of girls usually tend to get extremely hyper after consuming large quantities of sugar or caffine.
She's so tola right now.
Does she seem tola to you?
by PiesAndDyes December 08, 2011
An expression meaning "dick." It can be used to refer to a specific person or when talking about the penis. The syllables are usually elongated in pronunciation (ex. tooolllaaaa)
Example A: Jordan, you're such a tola!

Example B: Dirt Wilson can really suck a tola!
by Tiger Baseball December 11, 2006
I told Tola's punk ass to stop being such a slut puppy and leave the boys alone.
by SP November 18, 2003
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