a non-existent god/nymph that frolics merrily alongside his imaginary companion Kiwii.
OMG, did you just see that tofu???
by Kiwii Imaginary March 20, 2011
Too Old For yoU
also known as to4u
often used in response with asl
guy: asl?
girl: 13 f ny u?
guy: tofu
by penguin3647 February 08, 2009
a type of person who is very annoying
A: I'm so awesome and you all suck...

Everyone: Shut up Tofu
by cpt baba November 15, 2011
Tofu (noun): Not born perfect, nor someone who tries to be perfect. Beyond perfection. As a result, drives all around him towards insanity, through his sheer brilliance! :D
eg: Omg, you are a Tofu!
by tofu_appreciator November 14, 2011
A slang word for sex, popular in the Northwestern US and the California coast. Mostly in Asian communities.

Derived from the expression "Selling Tofu", a Chinese euphemism for prostitution
Leah and Benjamin are in the bedroom having tofu.
by Sean-E July 29, 2008
Not bad at all. Certainly better than eating cooked flesh...
Tofu isn't bad. Make fun of me all you want for it.
something that meago ma would like to collect the whole series of so much, those to-fu men always appear as a pair, father & son, or mother & daughter. each character got its own background story.. they won't smile but they will make u smile!
to-fu oyako, poison to-fu, to-fu gang etc
by ruby January 14, 2005

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