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A mocking version of tOSU, a way to say the Ohio State University.
tOFU is going down tonight, Sparty's going to destroy them.
by BBO69 March 04, 2012
0 2
a type of person who is very annoying
A: I'm so awesome and you all suck...

Everyone: Shut up Tofu
by cpt baba November 15, 2011
2 4
a non-existent god/nymph that frolics merrily alongside his imaginary companion Kiwii.
OMG, did you just see that tofu???
by Kiwii Imaginary March 20, 2011
3 5
Too Old For yoU
also known as to4u
often used in response with asl
guy: asl?
girl: 13 f ny u?
guy: tofu
by penguin3647 February 08, 2009
4 6
A slang word for sex, popular in the Northwestern US and the California coast. Mostly in Asian communities.

Derived from the expression "Selling Tofu", a Chinese euphemism for prostitution
Leah and Benjamin are in the bedroom having tofu.
by Sean-E July 29, 2008
14 16
something that meago ma would like to collect the whole series of so much, those to-fu men always appear as a pair, father & son, or mother & daughter. each character got its own background story.. they won't smile but they will make u smile!
to-fu oyako, poison to-fu, to-fu gang etc
by ruby January 14, 2005
2 4
Tofu (noun): Not born perfect, nor someone who tries to be perfect. Beyond perfection. As a result, drives all around him towards insanity, through his sheer brilliance! :D
eg: Omg, you are a Tofu!
by tofu_appreciator November 14, 2011
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