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1. to suck on someone's toe; derrived from the original definition of giving someone head + feet
2. a really stupid person
1. " katie's party i gave bob toe head! for some reason he got really turned on. lol! i'm just a really good foot sucker.."
2. "why does katie always invite marla to her parties!? she's such a toe head"
by lyra August 02, 2005
20 200
a person with really REALLY blonde hair.
1. Charles is a toe head!
2. Draco Malfoy
by Unknwn August 19, 2003
403 114
In colonial times, families grew their own flax to make into fabric for clothing. Transforming the flax into thread was a complicated, involved process with many time-consuming steps. After the flax was harvested, it was soaked in water for several days to soften it so the inner fibers could be removed from the stalk. To separate the long, thin fibers from the shorter, coarser ones, the flax was pulled through a bed of nails or combed in a process called "towing." The shorter fibers that were extricated were of a lesser quality and were called "tow." This led to the term "towheads" to describe people, particularly children, whose hair resembled these strands.
As a child, you were such a toehead!
by AbbyB October 29, 2010
28 14
A small child with a thick neck and an ordinary looking face.
Diane: "You were suck a cute kid, I love this picture."
Charles: "Ah, I was a little toehead.
by markvz January 11, 2010
16 37
A person with a head far too big in proportion to the rest of his body. this can usually be seen in people with the surname blackmore or generally supporters of Nottingham Forest
"playing football with my toehead is no problem claimed rob"
by Mew39 July 17, 2008
12 80
a really stupid person.
"Radoslaw is a hella toe head."
by karleedee July 15, 2008
34 128