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What happens to experimental 12-year-old boys if left alone around a vacuum cleaner for extended periods of time.
Prepubescent boys all know where to get good blow jobs--the utility closet.
by Lyra March 10, 2006
a christian organization that proclaims spongebob to be gay in the name of the proverbial 'focusing on the family'
focus on the family helps kids know the horrors of spongebob, the pubescent sea-sponge.
by lyra August 02, 2005
1. slightyly more cultured hill billy
2. someone who frequents thrift shops without attaining the vintage/trendy status typically associated with emo kids

1. the act of obsessively visiting thrift shops
1. During my hike across the Rocky Mountains i came across some stoned hilly billies who offered me a joint & a share of the moose they just caught.
2. My mom is becoming a hilly billy. Every time she goes out she comes back with another piece-of-crap from the thrift shop. Maybe we should refer her to a doctor, do you think?

1. "Stop hilly billying around!" says Marla to Jed as they browsed through the Discount Superstore! dumpster out back, "we've got to get to the dentist!"
by lyra August 03, 2005
The BIGGEST Cosmo fan on the internet! She has a large collection of quotes, pictures, drawings, and other stuff, all featuring the lovable green-haired idiot, COSMO!
AmethystCosmo is so obsessed, she needs to get a life.
by Lyra August 29, 2003
An american actor who is most known for his role as Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He has made appearances in films since (Sin City & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

He is inexplicably forgotten by the general public, despite his hairy-footed constipated acting in LOTR.
"Dude! Have you seen the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Elijah Wood almost looks human!"
by lyra August 03, 2005
1. to suck on someone's toe; derrived from the original definition of giving someone head + feet
2. a really stupid person
1. "..at katie's party i gave bob toe head! for some reason he got really turned on. lol! i'm just a really good foot sucker.."
2. "why does katie always invite marla to her parties!? she's such a toe head"
by lyra August 02, 2005
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