Tobogganism: The belief that the great god Tobogganai is on an uprise. The belief also interprets that after death, Zealots are carried to the afterlife in a Platinum Toboggan. Most followers and or Zealots wear elongated sock hats referred to as Tobögganes. The after realm is commonly referred to as Tobogga. Tobogganism was founded by Jamalla Jarvison McMafuckin'spanky (also referred to as Motha fucking McSpanky) in 1806. While ancient prophecies have condemned that all humans (even with other religious beliefs) are tobogganists. The earliest recognitions of Tobogganism do however refer to the Ancient Druids, while Saint McSpanky disagrees otherwise. Places of worship include but are not limited to: The universal Temple of Tobogganai, St. Chubbs Fellowship LLC, and many more. Currently, Tobagganism consists if a mere 2,376 followers. While most members believe in pure peace, other believe that a harmony is yet to come in a not so distant future. Are you a tobogganist?
Chubbs: are you a tobogganist? Or have you ever heard of Tobogganism?

Stranger: What the hell is a tobogganist?

Chubbs: We tobogganists worship the great god Tobogganai!

Stranger: *quickly walks away*
by B. McSpanky January 05, 2014

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