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Taking a dump in someones glovebox inside their car. Closing it so the fecal matter can ripen to a aromatically robust scent.
Joe did a toaster oven in Jeff's car.

Wow it was really hot out this week too.

Jeff opened his glovebox to find a lovely coco-puff in there. Spendid work by Joe.
by jaydog7 October 23, 2012
When a gay woman has sexual relations with a straight girl.
Tina did a toaster oven on Alyson at last nights slumber party.
by keyzersoze August 03, 2009
A molecular re-arrangement device which transforms bread into toast and makes other types of animal's flesh/vegetation slightly more suseptable to being consumed.

a small oven.
put some bread into the toaster oven and watch it become toast in a matter of seconds.
by f April 16, 2004
(V): The act of farting in an elevator as you step out, thereby leaving a present for future riders to enjoy.
"Joe, what was that sound?"
"Oh, I just toaster ovened this elevator!!"
by Austin Pealy August 22, 2009
A presumably heterosexual woman who is about to have sex with a lesbian for the first time.
Lizzy: I hooked up with Sarah last night.

Veronica: Was she a toaster oven?

Lizzy: Yeah, it was her first time with a girl.
by Lizzy the Lezzie October 03, 2010
When one farts in an elevator with the doors closed.

Common strategies include, but are not limited to;

1. Releasing a "silent but deadly" and blaming it on someone else (either vocally or by giving him/her the evil eye).
2. Farting into an empty elevator as one exits, trapping the noxious gas within for the next unsuspecting and unlucky rider.
3. In combination with number two, one may elect to send the elevator to another floor after farting, sending the empty compartment to the selected floor where the doors open and release the deadly toxin. This is also known as a "depth charge".
I totally gave those dicks on the third floor a gnarly toaster oven--I sent them a depth charge from the tenth, they'll never know what hit 'em!
by css53184 January 20, 2012
when you have a warm silent fart that warms your butt up
person A- whats that smell??
person B- its a Toaster-Oven and my butt is warm!
by pandawill10 January 04, 2011
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