Top Definition
1. Not today, Not tomorrow, toNOW!
2. Immediately; Yesterday is not soon enough.
Nick: "Sam, Frank says get to the training meeting."
Sam: "In a minute."
Nick: "Not 'in a minute!' Frank said toNOW!!"
by Danny Gans June 17, 2005
A term used by one of the greatest guitarists (Chris Cheney) by mistake that describes a time and used in times of Happiness. The time being Today and Now, Used when brilliant things are happening.
Josh "Tonow is the greatest moment of my life"
Ben " OMG wow this concert rocks, Tonow is awesome"
Harry on phone " DUDE im totally getting wasted TONOW!!
by 5+3vo April 06, 2009
meaning now and tonight in other words

I would like to sleep with you to-now.
by hotboy45 April 20, 2009
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