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verb (offensive in all circumstances except when used by black people in the United States towards other black people), this term means:

to work and slave your balls off harder than a black slave in the former Confederate States of America between 1861-1865.
a white boy comes to his father and asks:

boy: dad, I really don't get for the life of me the point and meaning of outsourcing American manufacturing to the countries of The Third World. Can you please enlighten me?

father: as a prgamatic, non political correcter, i will give you the followibng answer. The people in The Third World who toil in our outsourced factories are so economically desperate to survive that they have stopped caring that they are being exploited solely in order to nigger for pitiful wages, and simply to mass produce for export to The West products that we can only consume here in the West using our credit cards and therefore go further into debt.

son: Wow! Thanks a lot dad. That was an enlightening explanation.
by sexydimma February 22, 2012
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