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Very distant and/or out of the way... Forever.

Often simply 'hell and gone'
Lady, you are hell and gone from Cartegena.
by Honor June 23, 2004
originally a rural colloquialism meaning a great distance.
Q: Where is Saudi Arabia?

A: To Hell and Gone over there in the middle east.
by VerbenaBeast June 22, 2004
something that has been beaten or deteriorated to the point that it is past dead, past hell and about to disintigrate or disappear
His wardrobe looked as if it had been to hell and gone.

Where is ________? Don't know man, that's been to hell and gone.
by Jake Davis June 25, 2004
Absolutely destroyed; gone without hope of recovery; completely.
A hyperbole.
He took a crowbar and he just beat that truck to hell and gone!
by Captain Penguin June 24, 2004
love and marriage
she found love and now getting married i'll never see her again
by cgpm June 24, 2004
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