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love and marriage
she found love and now getting married i'll never see her again
by cgpm June 24, 2004
your ass is broken.

no money, pathetic waste of panty space

loves to use women for their money

expects everything to be given to them
hi im a broke ass and i need you to support me.

can i buy me something with your money?

can i borrow some money to buy you something
by cgpm June 13, 2004
the shit drippin from underneath your ass hat
when the warm weather hit, butt sweat drpped from marshalls head
by cgpm June 11, 2004
some woman who tries to take over your life and controll you, train you and make you her pet, dont ever underestimate the power a woman

lazy, uncooperative, insensitive, poor excuse of a man
see blood sucker
see also controll freak
also see also manipulator
hunny will you do the dishes and clean the cat box i need to go tanning and paint my nails
by cgpm June 13, 2004

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