something that is incredibly awesome.
instead of saying "it's the bomb." say "it's the TNT"
Dude, this song is the TNT.
by worldsgreatest June 12, 2004
Stands for "Tough Nut Townshend", it is a term of endearment, can also be used as an adjective when describing a girl. Originates from the description of an incredible girl.
"TNT, you stopped me in my tracks the first time I saw you"
"That girl's a TNT"
by brb (lunch) October 26, 2005
A master of having hot air in his mind. Sometimes less then 10%, also highly dangerous when you see him. But when you know him, he is tollerable.
If someone is very full of him self. That's called a TNT
by Perfect_Balance August 17, 2005
TNT IS OFF THE FIREWORKS (or in other words, the word tnt is an utterbly awesome word which means just that- utterbly awesome and super cool).. yes so have you ever been a situation when something is soooooo awesome you just don't know what to say about it well now you your problem is solved- you say that is the TNT!!!!!!!! (as in that is the bomb- but don't ever say that just the tnt)
Dude your shirt is the TNT!!
by Lillian June 13, 2004
Infamous Irish gang based in the Sunset district of San Francisco, CA. Known to, when provoked, beat people to death, especially Asians. Also known as "the Tribe". To "T.N. it up" refers to causing trouble with other TNT members (T.N.'s).
"The Tribe kicked some Chinaman's ass last night"
"Don't step to the TNT"
"Yo, let's go T.N. it up"
by Tha man August 04, 2003
A board member which you can't get rid off. He is like a boomerang, no matter how hard you throw him out, he always returns.
Archnemesis of Anakin
One can be found on the board
by Anakin November 20, 2004
The NetTemple, gameroom/gameshop in Vlissingen, The Netherlands
I'm playing a game in TnT.
by Bardee July 10, 2003

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