A yellow crystalline compound, CH3C6H2(NO2)3, used mainly as a high explosive.

TNT is used for blowing stuff up.
by He who likes Bukkake March 15, 2005
= this nigger trippin...
"... tnt baby...that shit is wearin my grin out... wooo-eeeeeh!"
by manks dawbs May 31, 2008
ToNighT in "Classified-ese."
The ad said, "Let's do it TNT."
by Orcatime May 23, 2008
May commonly be known as a stick of dynamite, but in Antigonish, NS this acronym represents a group of girls who ARE dynamite. The perfect cream to an oreo sandwich between their brother houses MacDonald and MacPherson (who are not just a bunch of chode's!!) they are not to be mistaken of the ho-bag skanks across the road. The girls of TNT are classy, respectable, beautiful, spirited, smart group of young ladies know how to party!! Key Word: Classy!
Those flyy girls must be TNT!
by Eihpets April 11, 2008
A motorbike made by Benelli.
Stands for: "Tornado Naked Tre"

Goes like a TORNADO (damage only to: tyres, ears, necks of spectators when turning too fast)
Is a NAKED Bike
Has ThReE cylinders
TNT 1130
TNT Sport
TNT Café Racer
TNT Titanium
by SM-Ente May 08, 2007
a girl that can bench press more than her boyfriend!
i bet that girls a TNT!
by Love_to_Spooge May 07, 2007
stands for top-notch-titties
"check out the TNT on that bitch"
by Walnuts June 15, 2006

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