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Basically a white girl getting train-ran by two niggas. (Love doin these with one of my niggas or my right-handed man)
OG: "Me and my nigga just ran a train on dat white girl from ham' town last week." Spectator: "Uh oh... sounds like the Kim Kardashian sex tape rumor..." OG: "Damn right it did. She was a bonafide freak too!" "Absolutely the best oreo sandwich i did in ages, since the day me and my rite hander double-stuffed her on a drunken day" Spectator: Wow, that sounds pretty awesome. (He later went back home to peel the creme off his single oreo cookie) Boy, was that delicious! Oh wait, i meant Deelishis!
by ogdajuiceman June 13, 2010
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